Cult of the Elemental Eye

With little organization and no unified leadership, the Cult of the Elemental Eye has never reached its full potential. Still, its members work tirelessly, secretly collecting ever more power for their evil patron.
The cult’s hierarchy is simple: Whoever has the power leads. All worshipers are devoted to the spread of elemental evil as a concept, even if some of them direct that devotion to different entities than others do. This common goal keeps the cult operating.
Although its leaders are usually evil clerics, skilled warriors or elemental spellcasters, the cult accepts everyone. The selfish, the bitter, the ambitious, the anarchic, and those who dabble in forbidden lore are all drawn to the cult. Evil and obsessed, they seek power at the expense of nonbelievers and are welcomed with open arms. Many ciltists aren’t natural humanoids. They include elementals desiring power over the world, giants seeking the return of their lost empire, and demons reveling in the chance to destroy.
The cult’s ultimate goal is to fray the boundaries between the world and the Elemental Chaos (or the Abyss). It seeks to increase the power of its members, especially its leaders, while offering worthy sacrifices in hopes of gaining strength.
What it lacks in organization, the cult makes up for with determination and sheer power. As a group, the cultists are extremely potent and learned. On more than one occasion, they have succeeded in summoning powerful entities and indoctrinating them, using magic to drive entire populations mad, transforming powerful creatures into elemantal beasts, and weakening the boundaries between the world and the Elemental Chaos.

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